Caryatids porch of the Erechtheion. Acropolis. Athens. Greece.

Odyssey of the Ancient Greek World

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On the evening of March 30 2017 I presented a lecture entitled “Photographic odyssey of the legacy and glory of the Ancient Greek and Hellenistic world”, as a part of the Greek History and Culture Seminars of the Greek Community of Melbourne Australia.

The presentation and lecture went very well and a number of audience members were overwhelmed and surprised by the scale and vastness and infinite world of the Ancient Greeks.

This is a summary of the content of the presentation.

The Ancient Greeks founded and Hellenised hundreds of settlements all around the Mediterranean. Some of these settlements have endured the winds of change and thrived, while some others lay majestic in their ruins and provide a poignant insight to their former glory.

This lecture will take the audience on an informative, insightful, and evocative photographic odyssey to ancient sites found in Greece and to those former Greek settlements throughout the Mediterranean highlighting the greatness, splendour, and enduring legacy of the Ancient Greeks.

Following is the video i produced to promote the lecture.


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