Ancient Greek theatre. Delphi. Greece.

Delphi Greece

Zeus released two eagles from the opposites ends of the world and proclaimed that where those eagles met would be forever known as the centre of the earth. Those eagles…

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Garden of Ninfa. Lazio. Italy.

Garden of Ninfa, Italy.

A triumphal synthesis of humanity’s imagination and nature’s richness  The bewitching Garden of Ninfa (Giardini di Ninfa) is set amongst the ruins of a medieval town and is located 70…

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Temple of Aphrodite. Aphrodisias. Turkey.

Aphrodisias Turkey.

The ancient city of Aphrodisias is one of the most rewarding and atmospheric Greco-Roman archaeological sites in Turkey. Aphrodisias lies in the Maeander river basin, near the modern village of…

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Monumental Arch. Palmyra. Syria.

Palmyra, Syria.

Bride of the desert An oasis in the Syrian desert, Palmyra was one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world.  From the 1st to the 2nd century…

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Orto Botanical Gardens. Rome. Italy.

Orto Botanico di Roma Italy

Well-secluded from the masses, the Orto Botanico di Roma (Botanical Garden of Rome) is unassumingly on the lower slopes of Gianicolo or Janiculum Hill in the medieval neighbourhood of Trastevere,…

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Great Temple of Ramses II. Abu Simbel. Egypt.

Abu Simbel Egypt

Abu Simbel Egypt is home to one of the most prominent temples of the world – the Great Temple of Ramses II.  The monumental temple complex of Abu Simbel is…

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Petra Jordan,  Rose Red ancient Nabataean Capital

Petra Jordan,

Rose Red ancient Nabataean Capital Hidden amongst the towering jagged red sandstone peaks between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea in Jordan is Petra, a distinctive ancient capital city,…

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Roman Theatre. Sabratha. Libya.

Sabratha Libya

Magnificently sited on the water’s edge of the palm fringed white sandy west coast of Libya and North Africa, the ancient seaport city of Sabratha shines majestically as one of…

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Central garden promenade. Royal Palace. Caserta. Campania. Italy.

Caserta Italy

The 18th century Royal Palace or Reggia di Caserta is Italy’s most magnificent Palace and one of Europe’s grandest Royal residences and its immense park garden is one of the…

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